Chernos County is often assumed by those residing in warmer, friendlier parts of the Holy Kingdom of Adelos to be a grim wasteland occupied by either the hopelessly desperate or those hoping to keep their heads as low as possible, but Strova defies these expectations by being thoroughly modern.  It boasts at least three noble families of distinction, a beautiful and recently-renovated Church, a thriving silver mining industry, and even a printing press, home to the Strovan Gazette, a daily publication read by nearly 1,000 Strovan citizens.  Moreover, thanks to its location straddling the Ornos River and near to Maristov on the Bathory Coast, Strovas serves as a hub of trade in the region.  Don't let anyone get away with telling you that Strovas isn't thriving!

The vast majority of Strova's population of 1,800 are Kedrenosi devoted to the Faith of Adelos, but friendly folk of all sorts are welcomed there (within reason).  Crime is always on the decline thanks to the stalwart efforts of the Strova City Guard and its respected Sheriff, Lord Burton Barrington- not to mention the brave Outriders that patrol the nearby hinterlands.  Mayor Hiram Talbot is a fair sort, well loved by his people, and always willing to defer to the wisdom of Count Nikolov, forming a bridge of goodwill between the common folk and the nobility.  Despite rumors one might have heard of horrors lurking in the nearby "Corpsewood" or the Graavos Mountains, there are no trolls, ogres, werewolves, or witches anywhere near Strova.  This beautiful city is absolutely safe and secure.

Convinced that Strova is the place for you?  Grand!  Here are a few of the people and places you should look forward to visiting when you arrive- we can't wait to meet you!


Minded by the pious and beloved Father Symon Lopur, this lovely chapel on Southhill is the spiritual center of Strova.  Those in need of guidance or healing, excluding heathens, are encouraged to pay Father Lopur and his skilled acolytes a visit any time.  It should be noted that priests or priestesses not associated with St. Criswell's might be found proselytizing on the streets of Strova, but citizens and visitors alike are encouraged not to indulge these unlicensed and untrustworthy practitioners of the divine arts.  It's not worth the risk!


The reliable and highly-trained officers of the Strovan City Guard are always on patrol near you.  However, if you have a crime to report or are in need of protection, please feel free to visit the City Guard Headquarters.  Should Sheriff Barrington be unavailable, feel free to ask for Deputy Valentina Gellivar, the Sheriff's second-in-command.  Try not to end up on the wrong end of the law- criminals might just find themselves being shipped off to Chernos County Prison, better known as "The Blackiron."  Or, of course, dangling from the gallows...


Few cities this far to the northeast have the facilities to publish and distribute any sort of daily news rag, but Strova is different.  The staff of the Strovan Gazette are always listening for the juiciest gossip, especially if it's related to the latest noble scandal!  The Strovan Gazette also prints personal ads, pending editor approval, for the low fee of only 5 coppers.


Not staying in Strova for long, or just looking for a good place to sleep off a wild night away from the significant other?  Try one of Strova's two best inns, The Magpie's Lament (on Pike Road on the northern bank of the Ornos) or The Silver Cup (on Southhill's Cathedral Lane).  Both feature full bars and tavern food, including fresh seafood brought upriver almost daily from Maristov.  A third option, for visitors on a tight budget, might consider Chandler's Hostel on Northslope, where some might find extended shelter when in dire financial straits.


All sorts of interesting shops dot the banks of the Ornos- clothing, food, and furnishings are widely available at any number of shops or stalls.  Feeling paranoid and in need of personal protection?  Arms and armor can be found at Stucco's Fine Armaments or forged fresh at Killian's Anvil.  Interested in curiosities and trinkets?  Volkoff Curios is where you'll want to go.  Hungry gourmands or fashionistas should take a tour of the fine eateries and outfitters of Northhill, and if one is feeling brave, the maze-like Underbridge Bazaar is home to all manner of unusual and hard-to-procure items.


Can't find work with one of the many businesses operating in the city?  Strova is home to a number of guilds where one looking for work can find training and brotherhood.  The Woodcutters' Guild is always looking for promising new apprentices.  The City Guard and the Outriders are also frequently hiring, assuming you're up to the challenge!


We regret to inform you that the beloved and historic Strova Playhouse was recently closed due to a tragic fire.  The Ornos River Regulars, a theater troupe based here in Chernos County, has begun performing weekly shows in Nikolov Park, however, in an effort to keep local spirits high.  Nikolov Park is also home to occasional public duels and other festivities, so be sure to stop by- if nothing else, than for the beautiful topiary garden!