Hello, and welcome to the Sword of Nerdom podcast!  What’s all this, then?  This program is what one would call an “actual play” tabletop RPG podcast.  What that means is that we’re playing, recording, editing, and sharing our current Pathfinder RPG campaign in podcast form for your listening pleasure.  You’ll follow along as our intrepid make-believe heroes journey into the seedy underbelly of a dark fantasy world, solving mysteries, uncovering conspiracies, and beating up monsters (and/or getting beaten up by monsters).  Along the way, dice will be rolled, rules will be mangled, and there will be much drama… and comedy, most likely.

Sword of Nerdom was originally a nerdy blog created in 2014 by Celeste & Budd as a place to share their love for tabletop rpgs, cosplay, films, and all things nerdy. As time passed, Celeste opened up a new blog (The Pic Witch) for her cosplay and lifestyle interests, and Sword of Nerdom began to collect dust.  However, the idea of creating a podcast was idea that had been floating around for a couple of years between them, and when the time came to reinvigorate the Sword of Nerdom website, the podcast idea came pushing up to the front of the line.  With our previous Pathfinder campaign wrapping up in November, 2017 would prove the perfect time to not only begin a new adventure, but get the podcast ball rolling as well.

This new campaign is a change of pace from what our group has always done in the past; instead of creating a game world full of dozens of fantasy races like elves, dwarves, and the like, where magic and monsters are ever-present, we decided to instead embrace limitations and focus in on a tighter, more realistic setting.  After nursing a lifelong interest in gothic horror and dark fantasy, and pooling influences like Castlevania, Dark Souls, Final Fantasy Tactics, and classic D&D module Ravenloft, Budd decided that he wanted to GM a campaign themed along those same lines.  Thus was born Strova- a dark, grimy city built on twin hills on either side of a dark river, where unsavory characters slither through winding alleyways and towering gothic spires loom overhead.  Of course, no matter how dark and imposing the setting may be, there will still be plenty of laughs to go around; let’s face it, when you gather friends and drinks around the table, it’s gonna get funny.


Original music courtesy of Brandon Owen

Sword of Nerdom logo by Celeste Carson