Budd R. Williams (The GM)

Budd R. is a lifelong nerd and aspiring fantasy novelist born in New Orleans, Louisiana and currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia. His “four pillars of nerdom” are Godzilla movies, professional wrestling, wuxia/martial arts cinema, and of course tabletop role-playing games like Pathfinder. He has been GM-ing for about four years now, and thoroughly enjoys world-building and giving his players a hard time while chickening out of killing off their characters. He currently works at one of those fancy major book retailers while trying to make time for his many hobbies and getting this whole “writing” thing off the ground.


Justin Boswell (Murtaugh Brown)

Justin was raised in the small quiet city known as Irondale with his two brothers Tristan and Byron. He was an average kid academically who was only interested in getting by in school and had no interest in doing anything more until 1994. That was the year he discovered comic books, video games, and action figures which soon took high priority in his life; which shaped much of his personality. So much so that when he got his first job he would spend close to his entire paycheck building his collection ( A habit he eventually had to get serious control of when he moved out of his parent’s place.) When he’s not almost getting himself (and others) nearly killed in Pathfinder, he’s gaming, playing with his figures, attempting parkour, and stuffing his face with his all time favorite food…Chinese! He currently resides in Atlanta, GA with his brother Tristan (disclaimer: no relation to the character Tristan in the podcast.)  


Celeste Carson (Rozina Nikolov)

Celeste  is a cosplayer, photographer, and designerd based in Atlanta, GA. She runs on dirty chai tea lattes and is fond of lucky cats, spicy food, dark fantasy novels, the occult and all things spooky and cute. She spends the majority of her free time working on cosplay projects, photoshoots, reading comic books, blogging at The Pic Witch and occasionally playing video games. 


Katie Lawter (Tizi Loneward)

By day, Katie is a graphic artist. By night, she is a sci-fi horror writer, digital painter, adventure game-maker, wildlife caregiver, confused RPGer, cheap wine drinker, café loiterer and a doer of too many things. Her current projects are: 1) finishing a manuscript involving cyberpunk journalists and cannibalistic cults, and 2) creating an adventure game starring the maid of an Eldritch horror-filled inn. Katie survives on a steady diet of ramen, Indian food, audio books, podcasts, and apps that are suppose to help her get her shit together. She wants to make all the things. She is also very tired. Please send coffee.


Anthony London (Tristan D'Ogier)

Anthony is originally from Northeast Georgia. He’s currently working on earning his degree in chemistry. His nerdiness started with watching Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers every day after school and growing up with the Harry Potter series. As a teen he read fantasy and sci-fi books every chance possible. Some of his favorite book series are The Wheel of Time, Frank Herbert’s Dune, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, The Dresden Files, and The Stormlight Archive. He currently resides in Gainesville, GA in a house filled with many pets.