Carrion Hill: Part 5

After returning from the Sunless Grove, our heroes find the city of Carrion Hill in the grip of panic. While they recover from their injuries and contend with the weight of what they have learned, Camille, Gwenna, and Morrow must decide how best to deal with the surviving Keepers- preferably before the invisible horror consumes their souls and becomes whole once more!

Episode 107: What Kind of Cake?

The shadow of the Ratcatcher hangs heavily over our heroes as they prepare for what will surely prove to be an uneventful birthday party for Tizi's mother. But before the celebration begins, the secrets of Adelos' past will be revealed, and the discovery of a spy in St. Criswell's forces a confrontation between one Sword of Strova and their archenemy...

Carrion Hill: Part 2

Following the attempt on their lives, Camille, Gwenna, and Morrow trek northward toward Carrion Hill, but arrive to find the city is in the midst of fresh, horrific troubles of its own- troubles they may be uniquely equipped to deal with. But even after surviving Ravenmoor, can the Cult Crushers stand a chance against the evil force haunting Carrion Hill?