The House On Hook Street: Part 1

The Cult Crushers are back for their third adventure: The House on Hook Street! Returning to Terminas after their adventure in Carrion Hill, Camille, Gwenna, and Morrow deal with the fallout from the battle against the Spawn of Yog-sothoth. With a second demigod slain by their hands, and with each of them undergoing their own personal transformations, what could possibly be waiting for the Cult Crushers back home?

Episode 123: Beyond The Death

After two years and over 120 episodes, the City of Shadows campaign comes to its dramatic conclusion. Melinda is defeated and the Silver Light has been extinguished, but the Swords of Strova seem to have paid the ultimate price to secure the future of their world. Now, as the dust settles, will Strova at last become the City of Light our heroes dreamed of?

Episode 122: From Strova With Love

This is it, listeners! In the penultimate episode of "City of Shadows," the final battle between the Swords of Strova and their final opponent, the divine shard dragon Melinda, begins! As our heroes struggle against the most powerful foe they have ever faced, the Silver Light looms ever nearer. As blood spills and the Crystal Cathedral shatters around them, Rozina, Tizi, Tristan, and Murtaugh must make a decision that will shape the future of the world.