Murtaugh Brown

Murtaugh Brown is a 35-year-old man of Amaranthi blood whose parents abandoned the caravanning lifestyle of their people to settle in Strova and open a clinic. When his parents accidentally incurred the wrath of the Church of Adelos for utilizing illegal magicks to heal an ailing acolyte and ended up dead, Murtaugh was taken in as a ward of the church and spent months at St. Criswell’s being indoctrinated into the faith. Thankfully, he was saved when his Uncle Remington arrived and took custody of him. Murtaugh would spend the next twenty-plus years working in Uncle Remy’s butcher shop, learning how to wield knives and take apart an animal carcass with expert finesse, studying anatomy and blade techniques. He may not realize just how dangerous a man his uncle has sculpted him into, especially since he values nothing more than living a normal, simple, uncomplicated life. When Murtaugh recently returned from a routine meat delivery to find his uncle missing, he became determined to find him…so they can get back to business as usual

Rozina Nikolov

Rozina is a young noblewomen of the House Nikolov and currently in line for Count/Countess. She has a distaste for court life and the nobility in general, favoring winemaking and her rapier. She and her older brother, Izsák started the Esoteria Vineyard and Winery as a way to gain some distance from their family name and not be dependent upon their wealth. Until recently she was able to get away with more than the average noble in terms of “proper” behavior. Her older brother, Izsák (who was previously the inheritor of the title) was unexpectedly killed in a duel against fellow noble, Victor Gregoriev 6 months ago. Since the incident she has been forced to become more secretive of her peculiar hobbies and interests to appear like proper Countess material to her prudent parents.  


Tizi Loneward

Tizi Loneward is a noisy (and mostly successful) journalist for the Strovan Gazette. She is the main protagonist of this story, has no character flaws whatsoever, has an exquisite sense of style and is an all-round likable human being. Tizi has a lot of friends, none of which she has written slanderous articles about and none of which would challenge her to a duel if they bumped into her at a local pub. She has never broken into an Adelos priest’s home in search of incriminating materials, regardless of what the Strova City Guard might have told you. She is praised throughout Strova for her selflessness, never once throwing others under the metaphorical wagon despite it being WAY more profitable for her to do so. Tizi Loneward did not write this character bio, therefore it is one-hundred percent unbiased (Also Tizi would never write with bias because she values journalistic objectivity).

Tristan D’Ogier

Tristan D’Ogier is a 17-year-old almost adult who has decided to become a paladin. Fairly tall, he’s lean without much muscle. Long, red gold hair held back in a braid and bright blue eyes. He also has a pet hedgehog named Mathias that goes everywhere with him. Most days you can find Tristan working in his family’s inn, The Angel’s Respite. The inn’s name is from local folklore story of the first settlers’ to the area were watched over by a heavenly being. Tristan is also the youngest of four brothers. The second youngest one, Gareth was a member of The Outriders, a local patrol company. Tragically, his group was killed in a wild beast attack. A member of the enclave of druids brought their possessions back to town. After that, Tristan’s parents banned him from doing anything with swords. Now Tristan is just waiting for the church to permit him to join one of the orders of knights to become a real paladin.


Illustrations by Katie Lawter