1 Day Away...

Tomorrow, February 21st, 2017, is the release date of premier episode of the Sword of Nerdom podcast!  Before the first episode drops, how about a preview of things to come? This dark, gothic fantasy campaign takes place in the shadowy city of Strova, a place of shady nobles and desperate souls, where paranoia and misguided zealotry have twisted men into monsters. 

Into this haunted land are thrust our heroes: noble swordswoman Rozina (played by Sword of Nerdom co-founder Celeste), trash-rag journalist and social paraiah Tizi (played by Katie), unstable meat-cutter Murtaugh (played by Justin), and naive wannabe-paladin and hedgehog enthusiast Tristan (played by Anthony).  These unlikely companions will attempt to survive monsters, curses, and a web of intrigue crawling with disreputable sorts supplied by host and Game Master Budd. 

Prepare your ear-holes and hold on to your hedgehogs, folks!