Cosplay Notes: Luna

Photo by Celeste Carson

Photo by Celeste Carson

Around the time I started working on my Dark Lady cosplay, my buddy Jeppo told me that she wanted to start cosplaying. I want to get as many friends as possible to join me in my cosplay endeavors, so I agreed to make her costume for her. Being relatively new to sewing we wanted to go with a simple costume that wouldn't take too longor be too complicated to make. Since I was already working on Sailor Moon cosplay (Jeppo also being a fan) we both agreed that the human version of Luna would be great first cosplay for her. 

The Breakdown:

  • Top: Sewn from Butterick B6096 in yellow satin
  • Skirt: Sewn from heavily modified Butterick B5987 with one layer made from black organza and the top layer made from glittery black fabric 
  • Necklace & Earrings: Sculpey, ribbon, interfacing, & various jewelry supplies
  • Crescent moon: Etsy
  • Choker: yellow satin, interfacing, & velcro
  • Petticoat: already owned, originally purchased from Target
luna dark wicked black lady cosplay sailor moon

The Process:

The first part of the costume I made was the long yellow top. We got lucky and found a pattern that looked almost exactly like Luna’s. Modifying the neckline and straps were the only changes that had to be made. If I ever decide to remake this top I would definitely add an invisible side zipper so it would be easier to get on/off since the fabric used didn’t have any stretch or give. The “flowers” on the top were made from black organza. I cut out about 30 petals for each flower piece on the back. 

The skirt was constructed in two layers: the under layers was made from a black organza to give it more structure and poof, while the top layer was a drapey black glitter fabric. All I did to modify it was cut the front of the skirt to create a high-low effect. I also added some horsehair braid to the hem. Jeppo wore a petticoat underneath to give it that cupcake look that Luna has in the concept art. Upon reflection I should have constructed the underskirt out of tulle instead of organza so we wouldn’t need to have a petticoat. 

human luna cosplay sailor moon
human luna cosplay sailor moon

The accessories were the easiest part of the costume. I created the earrings and necklace charms from sculpey clay, then painted them a bright yellow and added some black beaded chain for the necklace. The beaded chain is not true to the concept art, but we believed it fit better than a plain silver chain. The ribbon choker was made from the same yellow satin that the top was made from and backed with interfacing to give it structure and comes unattached with velcro. 

Final Thoughts:

Overall this was a fairly simple costume to construct. It was also surprisingly fun to make a costume for someone else (and easier to fit!) This was Jeppo’s first time cosplaying so it was great to be able to help her get into the addictive hobby. I’m currently teaching her how to use a sew so she will be able to make her own costumes at some point. 

Photo by: Celeste Carson 

Photo by: Celeste Carson