Cosplay Notes: Bombshell Batwoman

bombshell batwoman cosplay

This year's Momocon marked my first full year of cosplaying and the debut of some new costumes, including Bombshell Batwoman. Zatanna was my gateway drug into comics, but Batwoman was the second comic I ever really got into. I feel like Batwoman is not as well known as other members of the Bat Family such as Batman, Batgirl, Robin or Nightwing.  One person actually called me Batgirl while I was at the convention a few weeks ago.  Regardless, she is a strong, kickass, take no crap from anyone kind of heroine.  

The Breakdown:

Dress: originally from Forever 21
I removed the gold buttons originally on the dress and added red trim, red buttons and hand sewn felt letters and bat symbols. When I first modified the dress back in December the Bombshell Batwoman figure was not released and I didn't have a reference photo for the front of the dress. About a week before the con I had to make some adjustments to the front to get it accurate. 

Shoes: Converse Hightops
Wig: Hestia - Epic Cosplay Wigs
Bat: Sports Authority
The bat was originally solid black, but had a wood texture so I added some acrylic paint to make it look like a natural pine wood and used micron pen to add the calligraphy
Socks: Spencers' Gifts
Gloves: Eddies' Trick Shop
Baseball Hat: already owned
I just added bat ears constructed from black craft foam and hand sewed a felt bat symbol

The Process 

bombshell batwoman