Office Tour 2016


This is a post I've been wanting to share for quiet some time, but until recently my work space had always been tucked into the corner of my bedroom or living room. One of the biggest motivators for Budd and I moving into a larger apartment was so I could have a proper work space to work on various design and cosplay projects. Let's take a look!

sword of nerdom office tour

I finally have a huge table for cutting fabric that isn't my dining table. The table and picture ledges are both from Ikea, while the shelf I store my fabric stash in is from Target. Above the cutting board is my little galley where I can swap out art periodically. Some prints I current have up include a "Keepin' it Surreal"/Salvador Dali poster from an art exhibit in college, a few Furiosa prints (one from my absurdly talented friend Kiki), Camilla d'Errico's Iguana, Lady Mechanika, Rat Queens, and a silhouette by Charmaine Olivia

sword of nerdom office tour

My computer area is fairly small, but it suites my needs. I have a few additional prints and comic book art above my desk for inspiration. My main computer is a my laptop, but I often use a second monitor when I'm working on design projects or watching Netflix while I work. 

sword of nerdom office tour

My favorite figure in my entire collection is my Bishoujo Zatanna statue. I love the version of her outfit with the ruffled button up and thigh high boots (also my favorite version to cosplay.) I plan to get more figures from this line in the near future. 

sword of nerdom office tour bishoujo ztanna

Right next to my computer area is my sewing machine and a bookshelf where I store my patterns, muslin, and current projects which I have sorted into white plastic bins. I usually keep reference photos for cosplays above my sewing space. My computer table is from Ikea and the wood sewing table was given to me for free. I plan to paint it white one of these days. 

sword of nerdom office tour

Across the way is where I keep my dress form when not in use and another shelf (from Target) for storing various craft supplies. I keep more Charmaine Olivia silhouette's, prints, and a shelf with assorted nicknacks and masks that I've collected. 

sword of nerdom office tour
sword of nerdom office tour

I like to keep a few of my favorite art and comic books in my office as well. I also have a few books of poetry by Lang Leav, #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso, and some cosplay books. Cute tokidoki cactus friends adorn the top of the book pile. 

sword of nerdom office tour

I also collect Maneki-neko (Beckoning Cat) statues. One of my favorite is my droid Neko that I picked up from Criminal Records in Little Five-Points (neighborhood in Atlanta.) 

waving cat collection

Eventually I want to get a peg board on the wall behind my sewing machine to store all my sewing bits and such. A nicer office chair and rug are also additional I'd like to make in future. 

Tell me what you think about posts like these? Would you be interested in seeing a tour of our super nerdy apartment? Let me know! 

Craft Wondrous Item: Dark Brotherhood Note

skyrim dark brotherhood note

Have I ever mentioned that Skyrim was my gateway drug into video games? Needless to say it's one of my favorite video games that I still enjoy playing. Skyrim’s Dark Brotherhood quest line is one of the best and most infamous in the game, and it all begins with a mysterious note delivered to the Dragonborn that reads “We Know.” As a big fan of the Dark Brotherhood, I decided that a replica of that note might be something fun to create.

skyrim dark brotherhood

Here’s how to do it:


  • 8.5 x 11” white printer paper

  • Black & brown paint

  • Medium sized paintbrush

  • 3-4 bags of any black tea

  • Pen (something like a Micron or Faber Castell pen is best)


Step 1. Gather your supplies and make some tea (really).

Step 2: Boil some water in a small pot. Once the water reaching boiling point, throw in about 3 of your tea bags, let them boil for about 4-5 minutes, then remove from your stove top. Feel free to actually make yourself a cup of tea with one of the tea bags before using them to on your paper.

Step  3: Place a few layers of paper towels underneath your 8.5 x 11” paper to avoid making a mess. 

Step 4: Once your tea bags have cooled down you should begin to discolor your paper, using the bags like sponges. I recommend dropping them once or twice for a nice darker stain/splatter effect in some places. Be sure to thoroughly cover the entire paper. 

Step 5: Carefully remove your tea stained paper from the paper towels and folder it in half 3 times. The folded up paper should easily fit in your hand.

Step 6: Take a hairdryer and dry the paper. You can also take a hair straighter to add some extra stiffness. Use these appliances with caution.

Step 7: Use your dry paintbrush and dab a bit of brown paint around the outer corners and fold creases of the paper. This step adds some extra depth to the “parchment” look of your paper.

Step 8: Once you've dried the paper it’s time to get messy. Cover the palm and fingers of your right hand with black acrylic paint. Don’t apply too thin of a layer or the handprint won’t transfer onto your paper very well. Once you’ve covered your hand in the paint, press your hand onto the paper to leave a black handprint.

Step 9: The next to last step is to add the text “We know.” I recommend writing the text lightly with a pencil before using your pen to write the final version.

Step 10: Frame your lovely gift from your local Dark Brotherhood and hail Sithis.   

April Small Goals

april small goals

March was a busy month for us, but a great month overall. I started a new job in an upcoming area in Atlanta, we moved into a bigger apartment (with a office space for me, hurrah!) and Budd is about to start running two pathfinder campaigns. We didn’t hit as many of our goals as we would have liked to, but we’re still figuring out the best way to make manageable goals.

Celeste’s March Goals Recap

1.     Set up my new office/studio space.
Success! It’s kind of amazing to have an entire room to spread out my projects and have a closet to store my finished costumes. Office tour coming soon!

2.     Finish my Motoko Kusanagi and Wicked Biker Lady cosplays.
Both of these costume are 90% done… I just need to figure out my top for the Wicker Biker Lady, pick up some new fishnet tights and buy a pair of white pants for the Major.

3.     Finish reading Welcome to Nightvale.
Nope. It’s been a slow reading month for me.

4.     Write at least one cosplay write up for the blog.
Nailed it. See Cosplay Notes: Luna

5.     Get back into the couch to 5K workout. 
Unfortunately I still haven’t gotten back into my workout routine. However, I have been putting together some other ideas I’d like to incorporate into my workout.

Budd’s March Goals Recap

1.     Write at least 3 chapters of current book working on.
Haha, nope!  I’m happy with the progress I’ve made, but three chapters was probably a bit unrealistic.

2.     Finish playing Dragon’s Dogma (PS3).
Well, I decided I wanted to finish all the side quests I could, so I’m still not quite done with this one. Plus, I got distracted by Miitomo and Marvel Avengers Alliance 2.

3.     Figure out a regular column for the blog.
Ehh.  I have a few ideas- it seems like tabletop RPG stuff is the most popular topic I do here, so it’ll probably need to be related to that, but… nope, still don’t have one ironed out.

4.     Buy a desk.
That requires money and also haven’t found a place in our new apartment to put a new desk.


Let's look over April’s Goals: 


Celeste’s Goals

1.     Finish some cosplay projects and do a photo test of each.
Momocon is less than 2 months away and there’s still lots of work to be done.

2.     Get back into the couch to 5K workout.
Recycling this goal. It’s definitely happening this month.  I also want to find a good protein shake to help with the process. 

3.     Take more photos!
Yesterday I did a photoshoot with my lovely friend Jeppo, and I’d like to get back into the habit of taking more photos. Photography used to be one of my favorite hobbies, but I haven't’ really put much effort into it over the last few years.

Budd’s Goals

1.     Complete at least two chapters of my current story.
I’m keeping it a little more vague this time in hopes of making it a little more realistic a goal.

2. Get my original, half-finished Pathfinder campaign running full steam ahead again!
After nearly a year of being dead in the water, this campaign was suddenly revived on short notice when we recently had a few players unable to make it to Celeste’s campaign.  Now, I’m picking this adventure back up with one returning character and two new ones.  Time to dig through my notes and start putting together something that can match my original expectations for this campaign!

3. Start doing some cardio and building some muscle!
I’ve been meaning to start working out more seriously for a while now.  Cardio comes first, then I’ll start working on shaping up my body.

Well, how about you?  What goals are you cooking up for yourselves this month?